About our studio

 At the Brick House SC we take a systematic approach to our training.  We have specific principles relating to human biomechanics and movements that are universally applied to the body as a whole. Meaning that, we are all made to hinge, we are all made to squat, walk, carry heavy loads, jump, run, twist, and much more. The capabilities of the human body are limitless. We are still breaking records and have yet to find our boundaries as a species. However, we are seeing a vast change in our population as a whole. On one end of the spectrum, we are exceeding our own limitations. On the other end, alarming statistics show that in California, 6 out of 10 adults are either overweight or obese, and in the Central Valley the number jumps to 7 out of 10 (Healthy people 2010)!

 These statistics are unnerving. The road we are on is not a healthy one for the vast majority. That’s why the Brick House is here;  to work on reversing the trend.

We believe that by teaching the basic building blocks of movement, we can combat not only the weight issues, but also the onset side effects of it.  This includes sedentary lifestyles, poor posture, bad eating habits, risk of injury, weakness, and believe it or not depression and anxiety.
At the Brick House, we work to reverse these concerns if not prevent them. If you are just beginning and have never exercised before, we start there. If you have been exercising for years without seeing results, then we will help you find out the reason for your weight loss plateau. If you are an athlete that needs to fine-tune your programming and skills in the weight room, then we can help you with the nuances of athletic training. If you simply want to learn how to lift weight correctly and safely then we look forward to teaching you.  Building muscles, leaning down, losing weight…. All of these goals can be achieved through strength training.

 Weight lifting does not have to be scary, or intimidating.

In fact, it’s liberating.

We aren’t joking. 

 Wait until you see your strength increase and the weight you lift get heavier. You will get hooked.  If you have never seriously weight trained before, then ask yourself…

 What is your body capable of?

Have you ever tested its limits?

Are you strong?

 You know, you could amaze yourself. You can get strong and hit those goals if you set your mind to it. After all, you mind controls your ability to do anything and everything. You have to tell yourself it's possible. The Brick House builds strong, capable human beings. We treat our bodies with integrity, building fortitude and hardiness, embodying the characteristics of a “Brick House”. We respect our bodies, our capabilities, and our strength. Our main goal is to build our bodies’ capacity to endure what life throws at us both in the weight room and outside of it.  We liberate ourselves from weakness. We work to destroy our insecurities and our inability to reach our goals.  We work hard, and train smart.

  If you think that the Brick House sounds like your kind of gym; you have the motivation  and are ready to make some changes, we aren't going anywhere.

 Come lift with us.